Highest Quality Shellac and Edible Coating

Welcome to Aadhya International! Aadhya International is an India based leading and well established shellac and natural glaze Solution Company making edible and non edible glaze varnish. Our passion is delivering innovative, cost effective glazing solutions to keep you ahead of trends. "Developing ideas. Delivering solutions"

Aadhya International designs & manufacture shellac based products for a wide range of specialist applications for different industry such as confectioners, candy, fruits, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfume, leather, paints, ink, woodwork and many other industries.

Aadhya International has accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise through its years of service to different industry. We possess the experience and Research & Development capabilities required to provide the quality and consistency you need and the service you expect. We can provide you tried and tested solutions to many coating, binding, and glazing related problems, as well as employ state - of - the - art technology to engineer new products in situations where none currently exist. We are proud to be one of the only true innovators in the Indian shellac industry.