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Confectioners Glazing & Polishing Agent 3 x 2 (6 liters)

This product has to be bought together. The total is 6 Liters ... 3 liters Aadhya Sb 20 E904 & Aadhya GA 20 Aadhya SB 20    E904– Your Secret to Unparalleled Chocolate Brilliance! Elevate your chocolate creations with Aadhya SB 20, a cutting-edge glazing agent designed to redefine gloss and stability. Unleash a higher gloss that stands resilient even in elevated temperatures and humid conditions. Crafted for perfection, Aadhya SB 20 ensures your chocolates shine effortlessly. Aadhya GA 20   , a cutting-edge water-based glazing agent designed specifically for chocolate-coated centers. Tailored for both milk and dark chocolate applications, Aadhya GA 20 takes indulgence to new heights by delivering a flawless glaze that enhances the visual appeal and taste of your creations. Developed with precision, Aadhya GA 20 is the ideal solution for glazing milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even yoghurt-coated centres. Its versatile formulation ensures consistent results across a spectrum of chocolate varieties, providing a glossy finish that captivates the senses. Elevate your chocolate-coated centres with Aadhya GA 20 – the water-based glazing agent that brings brilliance to every bite, even in the most demanding production environments. application on Chocolate coating Fruits Chocolate coating Dry Fruits Chocolate coating NUTS Chocolate coating coffee beans    


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