Fruit vegetable coating waxing waxes

The Aadhyashellac SB 2020 is nature Seal line of fresh fruits and vegetables formulations and proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals which inhibit the oxidation of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Aadhya -Fresh is an Eco-friendly, non-ammonia based wax coating, which is completely safe for use on fruits and vegetables. Aadhya-Fresh wax coating is a product developed for use on fruits and vegetables that are intended to be stored in Cold Storage or are transported over long distances. Various Research Laboratories and Institutes have tested Aadhya-Fresh on different fruits and vegetables including Mango, Guava, Apple, Citrus, Green Chilli, Capsicum, Green Cardamom etc. The results of its application are excellent on various varieties of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore the product is safe, non-toxic and not harmful for human consumption even if the fruit is eaten without washing.

Our product can be used on stored fruit to reduce shrinkage, weight loss and to maintain a high gloss on the fruit. Aadhya-Fresh can reduce weight loss between 5-25% depending upon the nature of the fruit and the conditions during storage. Weight loss is observed during the storage of fruits over a period of time and this weight loss spoils the appearance of the fruit as well; wrinkles are seen with a change in colour. This weight loss can be minimized and the life of the fruit be extended by a minimum of 10% with an application of Aadhya-Fresh on the fruit. The results of the coating of Aadhya-Fresh are best if it is applied on the fresh fruit immediately after plucking and subsequently it is stored in the cold storage. By proper use of the coating an extra profit can be generated by the growers and marketability of the cold storage fruit can be maintained as for a fresh fruit. The practice of waxing fresh fruits and vegetables is quite prominent in the developed world for better marketability for export..

Vegetables and Fruits Coating: Roles and Applications

Sl.No Roles Applications
1. Retain moisture in fruits and vegetables Maintain wholesomeness and freshness
2. Inhibit mold or bacterial growth Extended shelf life
3. Enhance appearance Consumer attraction
4. Protect fruits & vegetables from bruising Control premature rottening
5. Maintain texture Delay ripening
6. Reduce weight loss Slow decaying
7. Prevent physical damage Prolonged transit and holding periods
8. Minimize discoloration Avoid aroma loss
9. Inhibit oxygen penetration Barrier gas exchange with external environment