Clear Aqueous Shellac Solution or Varnish

Clear aqueous shellac solution or varnish provides

(l) A clear aqueous shellac solution or varnish

(2) A shellac solution or varnish capable of yielding tough adhesive, permanently flexible water-resistant films.

(3) A shellac-solution or varnish which is adapted to be further modified by the incorporation therein of suitable pigments, fillers, extenders, and other substances to provide paints, pastes, and other useful products. In other words, a clear shellac solution or varnish is useful in and of itself as a coating composition or adhesive but also as a vehicle for other products such as paints, etc.

Aqueous shellac solutions have been and are generally used as leather and shoe dressings, paper and metal coatings, lithographic varnishes, floor waxes, inks and the like. Clear aqueous shellac varnishes which are highly adhesive in character and yield water resistant films on evaporation.

Due to the swelling action of water on wood, these shellac varnishes should not be used on unprimed wood. However, they can be used over a rosin or drying oil primer to produce a finish comparing favorably with that obtained from a non-aqueous alcohol shellac varnish. They are equally suitable for coating metal and paper objects and as a binder for drawing and printing inks.

Furthermore, they are especially suitable for coating stone, plaster, brick or other porous surfaces. Since they are not affected by further dilution with water, they can be applied to damp concrete or plaster walls. When applied to brick, concrete or plaster walls the varnishes described in this application usually dry to produce a tough tenacious film which does not lift or peel as does a drying oil or varnish film when applied to this type of surface.

Characteristics of the clear aqueous shellac solution or varnish

Ambient Temperature (27 +/-2°C)
Specifications SHELLAC
Color Clear / Golden
Finish Smooth & Glossy
FlammabilityNon-flammable under normal use conditions
Flash PointNA
Usage viscosityReady to use 14-18 S
Operating temperature range
Oil ResistanceGood
Percent solids by weight28%
Percent solids by volume22%
Percent pigment by volumeNA
Color fastness Excellent
Salt spray corrosionNA
Mineral spirits resistance Very good
Gasoline resistanceExcellent
Pencil hardness500g
Drying TimeTouch dry in approximately 20 minutes and denibbable for recoating in approximately 30 minutes at 20°C.
CoverageThe coverage of these products is variable and is dependant on various factors, such as porosity of timber, application method, etc.
Application method Cloth or Pad
ThinnersWater / 20653
Equipment CleaningUse Methylated Spirits
Surface conditionThe surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, dirt, grease and oil.
StorageStore at room temperature. Keep lid tightly closed and away from sources of heat or sunlight. 12 month shelf life.
Health and Safety Non Hazardous